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Declare a war on plastic pollution with Joseph & Alexander SS19

Dubai UAE – This April environmentally conscious fashion label, Joseph & Alexander, hosted
its first regional brand launch event, presenting its Spring Summer 19 collection at Rixos The
Palm Dubai. The latest collection, designed to “awaken the imagination and provoke curiosity” through its compelling artistic narrative, seeks to shed light on critical world issues such as
the global movement to clean up the “plastic oceans”. Murat Zorlu, General Manager of Rixos The Palm Hotel, said the popular family-friendly
resort was particularly conscious about the environment. “We all have a responsibility to alter our own behaviour towards sustainability and collectively, to bring more awareness and find constructive solutions. Environmentally friendly actions can
be a challenge to put into every day’s practice but improving recycling habits or the way we
consume fashion, can only bring about a positive change,” he said. Specialising in affordable childrenswear, Joseph & Alexander’s founding vision is to spark an
“educational conversation” through its visual designs and production methods, and operates
“consciously” using recycled fabric from ocean plastics, eco-friendly ink and reusable
packaging. Each pair of Joseph & Alexander shorts is manufactured by collecting around a dozen plastic bottles which are then chopped into flakes, melted into pellets, extruded into
yarn, spun into fabric and finally, transformed into a stylish pair Joseph & Alexander shorts. The brand’s founder, Alana Sorokin, said she felt compelled to launch a brand which made a
“true difference” after learning of the devastating environmental impact of ocean plastics. She
subsequently chose to work exclusively with recycled fabric created from plastics found
floating in the world’s oceans as the textile foundation of her playful collections. The brand
further donates 10 percent of its annual profits to the Plastic Oceans UK foundation. “The future of the planet relies on the hands of businesses. The consumer can be educated, but
they are flooded with mass market choice and affordability, and it’s up to the industry to take
leadership in developing a sustainable blue economy. We can mould plastics, but it’s moulding
the mindset that truly counts,” she said. The sixth World Ocean Summit took place in March 2019 in Abu Dhabi, which presented some
shocking truths about rise of plastic waste. By 2025, the goal is to “Prevent and significantly
reduce marine pollution of all kinds, particularly from land-based activities, including marine
debris and nutrient pollution”. The Middle East’s regional waste generation is set to increase
from 129 tonnes in 2016 to 255 tonnes by 2050 and by making sustainable purchasing decisions
we must prevent this prediction from becoming a frightening reality. “Heavyweight” Saif X J&A Middle East Collaboration
Plastics made up 10% of global solid waste. With this in mind, the label joined forces with artist
and environmentalist, Saif Chilmiran in a bid to bring the fight for a more liveable world to the
Middle East, with the creation of a limited edition design unique to the region. “Who will carry
the weight of the consequences from our garbage?” asks Chilmiran. With a highly con
the weight of the consequences from our garbage?” asks Chilmiran. With a highly consumerist global economy, it’s in our best interest to ask these questions now.

Over the last 30 years, more than 20 million bottle caps and lids were found during beach
cleaning activities around the world. It’s a sad fact that consumers leave behind 80% of the
plastic bottle caps on the beach. The most common bottle cap colours found were blue and
white and 80% of the bottle caps had no branding. Chilmiran shares his inspiration behind the design, “The spots represent plastic bottle caps, which are placed above and beneath the turtle to depict the issue of trash disposed in the
oceans and the upcoming pile. How many spots will fall above the turtle? Although plastic is
light, it’s forever and that’s a “heavyweight” the next generations will have to carry.” “Heavyweight” is a communicative design open to interpretation raising important questions
of such nature, inspired by observing regional environmental effects. It’s important to address
issues affecting our planet, which will reflect back into answers, pertaining to sustainability,
energy and recycling. Chilmiran further explains, “I also choose to use a turtle in this design because the UAE. hosts
17 green turtle and hawksbill turtle nesting sites, and the trash bags come from the question I
ask myself every time I take the trash out, where will they ultimately end up?” Saif Chilmiran, who grew up during the economic boom of Abu Dhabi, was part of a
multicultural underground ‘Punk’ scene developed by diverse youth. His time with the group
lit a match within, driving his interest in the various issues troubling our world. He visually
communicates his observations on climatic, macro and socio-political issues through his
striking artwork.

“Mini & Me” Collect

This collection introduces the sister line which includes three new pretty matching “mother &
daughter” swimsuit designs – “Seashells”, “Waves” and “Coral Acropora”. “Seashells” is inspired by the empty seashells that are washed ashore and become quintessential beach holiday memorabilia. However, environmentalists note that taking shells from a beach can disrupt the local ecology, from increasing erosion to taking nest-building materials from birds to preventing algae from seeking shelter in the shells. “Taking one or two shells from a beach probably won’t have a major impact —but if every beach goer were to take
a couple of shells, the effects could be significant,” explains Sorokin. One of the things many people love about the ocean is the waves. People love to play in the waves, surf the waves, and listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. The world’s
oceans contain enough water to fill a cube with edges over 1000 kilometres (621 miles) inlength.

The design “Waves” is inspired by the ocean tides caused by the Earth rotating while the Moon and Sun’s gravitational pull acts on ocean water. “About 70% of the oxygen we
breathe is produced by the oceans. Some marine animals often take advantage of currents to
migrate several miles to and from breeding areas” shares Sorokin. While corals may look like rocks and share several characteristics of plants, they are in fact animals.

To be exact they are aquatic marine invertebrates (known as polyps) that live in the warm shallows of the clear coastal waters around the world. Corals are the fundamental
elements of reef construction. They are both supports, shelters and food. Their forms offer a protective refuge to many species. Corals play an important role underwater because they are not only animals, but a marine habitat to other marine species as well. In fact, about 25 percent of the world’s marine species depend on coral reefs for shelter and food. “Acropora corals are
one of the primary reef builders in the world’s oceans and they are highly sought after by reeftank hobbyists for their remarkable growth rates and intense colors,” points out Sorokin, who was inspired to create the “Coral Acropora” swimsuit design.

The SS19 collection will be available to shop online from 28th April 2019. For more information visit:

Saif x J&A Price: boys & girls: $65/238 AED, women & men: $95/348 AED / Mini & Me Price: girls: $58 – $65/215 – 240 AED, women: $90/330 AED

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